Thursday, April 11, 2013

Seeds, Seedlings for Trade, or Donation

Ottawa City, Ontario Canada
April 8, 2013

I would give you seeds anyways if you want some. Probably any gardener would. But that comes with a cost: money or time, or both.

Anyways, I have people ask me what they can do for me? I was about to say, how about donate $1 or $2?
But I never ask. But maybe I should. Truth is, I will be broke if I don't ask little donation.

When I shop for organic, heirloom seeds - I go gaga - literally spend allmost $100 of seeds 2 seasons ago. And well, I top up from time to time, trade with fellow gardeners.

Want to donate your seeds to me? Well, it will be given away to local Ottawa Plantcycle events, since I usually come and chat and chat more.

Well, if you want to donate $1 or $2 for me to keep my seed giving hobby, why not?
Send it in check, give it in person or send it via paypal for those international fans.
No, your donation will not probably make me rich, but it will help me collect more heirloom seeds, and spread it around. Give me seed, I will share it with my neighbors, I will share it with my global community.

If you want seeds, ask away. Chances are I have them. I might not be able to list them.
Sorry, I cannot mail is so expensive postage, I can't afford it.

Most of the seeds I have are heirloom, grown organically in Zone 5B, probably a season or two. My packets are about 10 seeds to 20 seeds. If you want more quantity, I can send more.

4 o' clock - alas kwatro, (Mirabilis jalapa). Popular in my childhood, blooms at 4 o clock in the afternoon. I have many variety of colors, red, yellow, hot pink, and some broken colors. \base on my observation - it does not come true from seed. Pictures from last year.


A - alugbati, malabar spinach (Basella rubra) - a climbing spinach which very common in the Philippines. I have the red stem variety and the green stem variety. Some pictures of the red variety that I cultivated last year.
Wikipedia entry:


M - Marigold (Tagetes patula) - I have grown them everywhere, excellent companion to your vegetables, and have an acrid taste to the pest. The marigold petals are edible, yes I added them to my stir fry. NOTE: just petals, the middle part tasted tart. I saved a lot of seeds. If you are looking for easy going flowers to color your vegetable garden, with added benefit of repelling garden pest.
here are my marigolds last year:

P - Pepper (Sweet) Medusa -ideal for container gardening. Labeled as ornamental pepper, this one taste sweet, and grow in small pots. My daughter love its sweet taste, and it is a must for kid container gardening. I harvested many seeds from last year and it was quite expensive as it was a new variety. I spend $4.99 /packet plus tax. I test germinated the seeds I harvested and it is 3/4 germination. Here are some pictures from last year. When it ripens, it has rainbow colors of yellow, orange  and red.


R - rose balsam, (Impatiens Balsamina) - an annual known as sulangga in Cebu philippines. I believe it is also called Kamantigi in Tagalog. I grown it here in Canada and it very beautiful towards end of July. I save many seeds of different colors. Here are the picture of them from last season.


S - sugar apple, atis,  (Annona squamosa) - atis is commonly growing in my farm in the Philippines. Here in Canada, last summer, these seeds germinated without care. Maybe around June, I put them in 4" pots and they germinated well. Under sun and rain, the germination rate is about 80%. It has to be put indoors in fall/winter, as it a tropical shrub.
Wikipedia entry:

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