Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Jan 13, 2016, PM hike back to Central Park

Jan 13, 2016 WED
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

It was a calm day today as I put on my snow pants. No snow forecast. I am excited to continue my late afternoon hike back to Central Park.

Music: Rush
+ Zumba Tunes from ZIN volumes

Time: 52:55 minutes
Distance: 4.21 kilometers

Picture taken from Fisher Avenue, corner Cow Lane of the Experimental Farm. I decided that this will be my new point to take picture everyday of my hike. Its a perfect location, as I can also see Dunton Tower of Carleton University here.
The blanket of snow taken from Fisher Avenue facing Carleton University.

I saw the moon in this picture. Well, it looks like a small crescent. 

Calm day for a walk, no snow, no wind, just plain cold and pleasant walk. The white snow is really amazing.

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