Wednesday, January 13, 2016

half the world hates what half the world does everyday

Ottawa City, Ontario, Canada
Jan 13, 2016 Wednesday

The usual morning hike to Carleton University for me.

I listen to Rush, I am a big fan of Rush.

The first track on my phone was Half the World from the Album: Test for Echo

"Half the world hates what half the world does everyday".

If I hike to university everyday, does half the world would hate me?

Maybe, only freaking insane people would hike in this cold. It was really pretty cold.
-23 degrees C including wind chill. But really? That's nothing. Ottawa can get as cold as -40 degrees C.

I walk in my bright red Columbia Snow Pants and a CloudVeil Ski Jacket.
My peach toque is a gift from Tessie last Christmas. Over all, it was a nice hike.

Stats: From MapMyRun App
Distance: 3.92 km, Duration: 55:27minutes

Sunrise: Take from Fisher Avenue facing Carleton University

I have to take a selfie with Carleton University's Dunton Tower in the center. Its really off center, top of my head. Take at Fisher Avenue towards Cow Lane of Experimental Farm.

My path along Cow Lane. This section from Fisher Avenue is not plowed, so it is a challenging walk until you reach Ash Lane which is plowed and nicely cleaned everyday.

I decided to take a selfie because I love my peach toque given by Tessie.

This sign is in Cow Lane(un plowed trail) , and it is about 50 meters until I hit Ash Lane and Cow Lane intersection which is plowed well.

The intersection of Cow Lane and Ash Lane. Here starts the nicely cleaned/plowed trail until I hit Prince of Wales Drive. 

The walk was beautiful, I enjoyed the scenery. It was a bit windy coming from the west, I feel my ear a bit frozen, so I have to wrap my head with a scarf under the toque. The sunrise is amazing warms me up.

So, I guess, hiking to Carleton University is a fun activity that I love to do everyday.

Does the other half hates what I do every morning? I hope not!

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