Friday, January 15, 2016

The tale of the Sweet Potato from Gananoque

Jan. 15, 2015
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

In Fall of 2015, Russ and I went to MEC to shop for something. I cannot even remember what now, but MEC is our favorite store anyways.

We were walking near Parkdale and there was a market, and it was about to close, maybe it was like 2pm already. I look around for sweet potato tubers, because I like them, and wanting to plant many varieties.
There was one organic farmer for Gananoque, and he had organic sweet potatoes. I was so happy and I bought 2 lbs for $5. I took it home, I cooked it and it has yellowish flesh color. I saved one tuber for propagation.
And on Nov. 30, 2015 I put it in a pot with soil. It has sprouted and grown.

Next step is to take the sprouts away and put it in vase of water to encourage root development. And then make it a holding pot for next seasons outdoor planting.

I am also happy that the source is organically grown. If i have surplus of slips, I will gather the leaves, because sweet potato leaves taste good in soups.

So, there is a big reason why I searched out organically grown sweet potatoes. First, I harvest the young leaves to add to my chicken noddle soup and I feed this soup to my kids.

And second, I also like sweet potato tubers. So, if I grow them myself, I will eat it.

What about you? Loving sweet potato?

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