Thursday, January 14, 2016

Blame is better to give than recieve

January 16, 2016
Ottawa Ontario Canada
45.4214° N, 75.6919° W

The sun is up, very beautiful afternoon. My hike today from Central Park to Carleton University. 

  • -9 degrees C
  • no rain
  • no snow
  • no wind
  • bright crisp snow along the path

Stats using app MapMyRun:
distance 3.54 kilometers, time: 44:08
Taken at Fisher Avenue facing experimental farm. The tall building is Dunton Tower - Carleton University. 

The plowed portion of Cow Lane inside Experimental Farm. 

With Cow Lane plowed, I can exceed 30 km per hour? Oh really?

Morningside Lane inside Experimental Farm is also plowed. The Dunton Tower - Carleton University is within few meters away. 

The footpath towards Hartwell Locks - with a bridge to the other side which is Carleton University.

A close picture of the Hartwell Locks sign. The bridge is a small 3 feet wide wooden bridge. It may look nothing, but it is a very dependable bridge to get to Carleton from Ex Farm. Without it, it will be long detour for me to get to Carleton University via Ex Farm. I thank you NCC, for keeping it partly plowed and open to public.
and the title? 

lyrics from the song Freewill by Rush

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