Monday, June 22, 2009

DAY 14, June 18, 2009 Thursday

Second, we smoke the coconut flesh until golden brown. Once it reached golden brown, it is now a copra, and we sell it to the middlemen that will also sell them to big processors of coconut oil. In Badian Cebu, this copra was sold at 18 pesos per kilo.

The process of making copra, the raw material for petroleum products such as motor oil and cooking oil I think.

First, the coconut fruit is broken in half and the flesh is taken out.

***events of the day***

== got the 10,000 pesos from Rob
== give the 2,000 pesos to mama for one sack of rice, about 48 kilograms of it.
== 3,000 to mila (laundry,cook, all around help at the house, and assist with kenny)
== reload 300 pesos for prepaid cellphone text

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