Friday, June 12, 2009

Flight to Cebu From Ottawa City, Ontario

Flight to Cebu Philippines From Ottawa City, Ontario Canada
Flying Time 26 hours.

Part 1. Ottawa to Washington,
Part 2. Washington to Incheon, Korea
Part 3. Korea to Cebu City Philippines

Cheapest Route:Ottawa to Washington, USA, then followed by Washington USA to Incheon,Korea, and final destination; Incheon Korea to Cebu.
I booked my ticket at This is the second time I am using online booking, so far so good. Last year when I came home to Cebu, I used the same online booking website, and it was no hassle. I was able to order my meal in advance.

Flight Details:
Part I.June 3, 2009 Wednesday
Ottawa (YOW) to Washington Dulles (IAD)
United Airlines Flight UA 7576
Flight Time: 1 hour 45 minutes, 9:30 am t0 11:12 am
Aircraft Type: Embraer 170/175

My flight to Cebu City Philippines started in Ottawa International Airport(YOW) in Ottawa City, Ontario, Canada.
Luggage limit for checked-in is two 50 lb bag (approx 22 kilograms) and a carry on of 10 pounds bag or lighter.
My baggages were checked in all the way to Cebu.
However, I my boarding pass for Korean Air needed to be picked up at Washington, USA Airport.

My flight to Washington was on time, and we are served with drinks on board. I arrived at terminal D and took the terminal Shuttle to Terminal B to get my boarding pass for Korean Air. This transfer took about 15 minutes of walking time, in addition to the shuttle ride.

Washington Dulles Airport is clean and comfortable.
Korean Air Gates was located at B32.
Close By: A clean, well maintained washroom and a chapel.

Part 2.
June 3, 2009 Wednesday
Washington Dulles, USA to Incheon Korea
Aircraft Type: Boeing 777-200
9 seats a row [ABC, DEF, GHI (3 x 3 )]
Departs Washington: 1 pm, June 3 WED
ETA in Korea : 4:30 pm, June 4,THU
Estimated flying time : 13 hours 27 minutes
Distance Washington USA to Incheon, Seoul: 6,947 miles
Altitude: 34,000 feet Speed: 520 miles/hour

Scheduled Take Off: On Time
Seating : Comfortable
Flight Attendants : Excellent Service
Flight Comfort :9/10
Our seat already have pillow, blanket and water.
Great! Maybe they know I am so darn thirsty and the water in the airport was so expensive. And we all know we cannot carry liquids more than 100 ml through airport security.

KUDOS to Korean Air for providing water as we board the plane. The first airline that I flew with that does this service.

Blanket is soft and comfortable. Its labeled KOREAN AIR PROPERTY, that means you cannot take it with you.

Freebies are great.
Toothbrush with toothpaste...excellent, because I have to check in my big toothpaste.
Socks....this is great. They know it can get darn cold, and we need extra socks. And who can think of putting extra socks in your carry on?
Sleeping Mask and Towellete. good idea!

Headphones are free..though I advice that if you don't need it, don't get one for the sake of getting one. Reduce Clutter.

Food was excellent. Wine is great, both the red wine and the white wine. I choose red wine with my pork meal, and white wine with fish. Awesome!

Movies are free.
I watched the following movies during the entire flight, because I was so tired but cannot sleep. I miss Rob badly.
Marley and Me
Confessions of a Shopaholic
Paul Blart: Mall Cop
Transporter 3

Korean Air: Over All Flight Rating 9/10. I will definitely fly again with Korean Air.

Arrival: On Time. June 4, THU 4:30 pm Korea Time

Incheon International Airport is clean.
WIFI internet is FREE, it was located near gate B16. Too bad, I did not bring a laptop with me.
Drinks is expensive. A bottle of Mountain Dew at SUBWAY is US $3.00
Washrooms are well maintained and clean.

LOUNGE chairs at the waiting gate are so comportable, there is no arm chair, so I can lay down.

I bought some perfume for pasalubong.

Part 3.
Incheon, Seoul Korea to Cebu Philippines
Departs: 6:45 pm, JUNE 4, THU
Arrival at Cebu : 11:45 pm, JUNE 4 THU

Plane Type: Boeing 737-900
2 rows of 3 seats
very comfortable seat
meal was excellent
Landed at Cebu 11:45 pm, Weather 29 degrees C

Luggage: arrive on time
Customs: no hassle

Airport Pick-Up: My cousin Edgardo Singson Jr. and my sister Ann

That concludes my flight from Ottawa, Ontario Canada to Cebu City Philippines.

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