Monday, June 15, 2009

DAY 11, June 15, 2009 Monday

Mama in the background gathering the fallen coconut leaves from the neighborhood.

I am cleaning the coconut palm, but cutting the dead leaves off the hard woody part.

I chopped the woody part in pieces of about 2 feet long using a sharp big knife, we called it "sundang " in our language. It is sharpened manually using a stone sharpener.

Kimberly and Eboy gathered the chopped woods and bring it to the dirty kitchen.

This is the kitchen where we cook our food daily. Inset a boiling pot, with the firewoods below.

(2nd day in Badian)

=== breakfast. beans with rice;
lunch squash with coconut milk and rice;
dinner eggplant with egg and rice

=== mila washed our dirty clothes
=== it rained again at 12 noon, and very windy
=== chat with Rob via long distance over my cellphone, he returned my DOA netbook to Staples business depot.

=== after the wind, the old leaves(coconut palms) of coconut feel down and we gather these for firewood

=== Kenny decided to take pictures of the process of gathering firewood:
1. Mama gathers the coconut palms
2. I cleaned the palms, and cut it to about 2 feet long
3. the kids gather the sticks and put it in the dirty kitchen
4. we burned the dry leaves to clean up our mess
5. kids enjoy the big camp fire until the fire runs out

=== Kenny also decided to take pictures of all the cousins, and dogs and scenery.

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