Monday, June 15, 2009

DAY 11, June 15, 2009 MON - Kennys Photography

The corn plantation with the coconut trees in the background.

Young coconut seedlings, waiting to be planted.

The coconut trees in the background, while I am cleaning the coconut palms for firewood.

The tamarind tree, right in our front yard with a bird house.

The fruit of a tamarind tree, "sambag" in Cebuano language. To eat the fruit, you have to crack the brown shell and eat the fruit inside. Soury taste! The tree is in our front yard.

The clothes line, after Mila manually washed our dirty clothes from Cebu City.

Robert's MotorBike Honda 155CC TMX with Kenny. This is the first acquisition of soon-to-be Angel Express.

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