Monday, June 15, 2009

DAY 10, June 14,2009 SUNDAY


=== still staying at Mango Park Hotel, and will check out at 12 noon.
=== wake up to chat with Rob over MSN Live Messenger (video and voice chat)probably the newest competition for long distance companies.
=== Kenny discovered pogo and played pogo Bowling and Poppit
=== Samsoy arrived with Ann and Sam
=== Kenny and Samsoy have buffet breakfast at the hotel
=== Kenny and Samsoy invade the swimming pool again...

=== We checked out, and go over to Ann's apartment for lunch.
=== It rained again...then Sam drive us to Librando Terminal despite the pouring rain
=== We took Librando Bus to a 3 hour bus ride to Badian
=== We went to Badian Market to buy dinner. We ate mixed vegetables and rice for dinner.

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