Monday, July 11, 2011

Hosta: Alex Summers and So Sweet

Hosta Alex Summers , Hosta So Sweet

Yesterday, I happen to have time to drop by Artistic Lanscape & Design at Bank.
Got two new hosta plant: Alex Summers and Hosta So Sweet. I picked "so sweet" because I am collecting Fragrant Hostas, and Hostas of the Year. She happen to be the Hosta of the year in 1996. These babies are planted and extra plants are potted.

Hosta Alex Summers -Sta. Lucia 1989
Medium Mound

Medium green leaves have a wide chartreuse margin of variable width, sometimes extending to the midrib. Gold Regal Mutation, Purple Bell Flower, 13 pair vein.
The Hosta Registrar for Alex Summers, stated that it has a bell shape purple flower, and it is not fragrant.
Classified as Medium to Large Plant: plant width = 2 inches, height = 20 inches
This entry did not say if this set seed or not.

However, it is a Gold Regal mutation, Aden 1974 and Gold Regal does sets seed.

Aden 1986
Medium Mound
Hosta So Sweet- fragrant white flowers, glossy green leaves with white borders

The 1996 Hosta of the Year... this hosta is destined for greatness! The medium sized green leaves emerge with a gold border that quickly changes into a nice wide creamy edge. In late summer, the clump is topped with stalks of very fragrant near white flowers.

The Hosta Registrar for So Sweet did not say if she sets seed. Maybe not?

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