Saturday, July 9, 2011

July 9, 2011: Nice Weather and I planted Hosta Thunderbolt

Nice Weather, just chilling with the kids in the backyard. Kieren love it and Kenny bought some new/old hot wheels from neighbors garage. :)
When Kieren and karlina went to bed, I got some backyard soil and planted Hosta Thunderbolt, 3 baby plants. One in the frontyard, backyard & a pot.

Kieren on a test ride of Karlina's bike. Very happy camper.

Kenneth posing at my backyard garden. Ah, the joys of beautiful greens.

Newly Planted Hosta Thunderbolt, in my frontyard.

Hosta Thunderbolt finds a home in my backyard.

The 3rd baby Hosta Thunderbolt: In a pot

According to Hosta Registrar, Hosta Thunderbolt is

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