Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hosta Christmas Tree, Flowering in July


Hosta Christmas Tree - another one of those healthy and lovely potted hosta, that I ended up planting in my front yard besides Hosta Thunderbolt. 

Hosta Christmas Tree has corrugated green leaves, almost heart shape leaves, with cream colored edging. Definitely an eye-catcher! 

From Hosta Library: "Christmas Tree' comes to us from both Kevin Vaughn and Mildred Seaver (1982). The foliage mound reaches 36 x 20" with 18" bloom scapes. It has often been confused with Aden's 'Grand Master'. The leaves are 10 x 6", cordate, and deep green with a cream-white edge. The plant has very nice substance and is heavily crinkled. Van Wade says that it prefers shade to 1/3 sun. The funnel-shaped white flowers bloom in July. To quote Van Wade: "...flowers in July produce a flower with vestigial leaves in the shape of a Christmas tree, hence its name." It makes a very nice pod parent, passing along a number of desirable characteristics."

Here is a picture of my plant in my front yard: [ flowering today july 19, 2011 tue]

Flowering H. Christmas Tree in my frontyard - July 2011

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  1. Flot blog du har lavet,flotte indlæg fine billeder,jeg samler selv på lidt hosta,lidt er blevet til flere,tak for kikket.
    venlig hilsen