Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hosta Blue Umbrellas: Purple Flowers, Just Lovely!

From: Hosta Library description: " Paul Aden gave us this large plant in 1978. The parentage is 'Tokudama' x sieboldiana 'Elegans'. A mature clump may well be 4 1/2' x 3' tall. The light lavender flowers appear on 36" bloom scapes. It grows rapidly and prefers 1/2 to nearly full shade. It has excellent substance and texture. The giant blue-green cordate leaves are 12" long by 10" wide. The flowers are lavender."

My blue umbrella in the pot has flowered, and oh, it was sooo beautiful. It seems to be leaning to a bit, and I put the pot beside flowering "Hosta Christmas Tree". 
The other pot I set aside for Blue Umbrella was also outgrowing its 1 Gallon Pot. i divided it into 4 smaller pots, hoping this will last them for awhile:

2 pots in square planter: 1.00 L (1.06 qt) 
H = 13 cms (5 inches)
W= 10 cms (4 inches)

2 pots in wide circular planter: 1.45 L (1.53 qt) 
H = 11 cms (4.2 inches)
W = 15 cms (6 inches) 

These 2 pictures were showing the buds coming out of blue umbrellas. 

This morning, the blue umbrella flowers opened up, and I will put updated flowering pictures soon. 

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