Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hot Day about 47C in Ottawa City: Planting Cactus from Seeds

Very hot day in Ottawa, 47C with humidex and I end up staying home. Kids have a turtle playsand, now converted into water tub. They jumped in the morning and so as in the afternoon.

Between nap times and  breaks, I manage to plant my cactus seeds. I used Jiffy pot #3, cooled boiled water, cactus mix soil, vermaculite and perlite.

Germination time is 7 days to 60 days. Nice to observe how soon it will really germinate.
Soil Mix for Cactus Seeds Propagation 

Germinating Pots - Soil Mix with Cactus Seeds 

I also recieved some seeds i bought from ebay, the username is: theseedhouse, located in Ontario.
It was 50 seeds of mixed hosta varieties, so this must be exciting in the future, if and only if, I succeed.  This is my first try for hosta seeds. 

I have no sterile supplies, but cheap kitchen re-usable items. 
The clear plastic container was from "roasted chicken at Loblaws".
Water was cooled down -boiled in a pot.
Soill mix - cactus soil, perlite, vermaculite (1-1-1 mix)

Well, hope this works and I will update soon when it germinates. 
Here is my germinating container for hosta, with 50 seeds in. 

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  1. NOTE: no survival of my cactus project. The 3 seed that germinated died in few days.