Saturday, October 22, 2011

Coleus Seed Propagation: Ebay Seeds (Ebay user: flowerangel0607)

UPDATE: fEB. 24, 2012 (PICTURE 2)

pictured above is Giant Exhibition Coleus - PALISANDRA.
If you notice, she already shown the dark colors of Palisandra.

Received some seeds from "share the beauty", Linda of Texas from Ebay(flowerangel0607).

Feb. 3, 2012.

(see PICTURE 2)

I put the seeds on top of the soil, mist a little bit, and no cover. Put under LIGTH, and presto! She germinated on me. The 10 seeds of Palisandra coleus that I got from ebay "flowerangel", 8 of 10 germinated. As I was not expecting "true to seeds" coloration, at day 7, I see deep purple leaves coming out. So, let's see. 80% germination, NO HEAT, just light, and tons of luck!


  1. this is pretty funny..I just stumbled on this page randomly..Today I planted the same seeds (rainbow mix) from the same ebay seller and guess what..I'm also in Ottawa. Small world. Look forward to tracking your progress.

  2. Kass73: hi please to meet you on the blogosphere. Yes, my Palisandra is updated now with pictures.
    The first two were cooked, so my rainbox mix is well, compost.

    I started a second batch of rainbox mix, which already germinated in about 5 days. it is also locally from Ontario. Ebay username: heavonlea

    i am excited for spring, although snowing today...LOL

  3. yes, there will be some more snow later this week, but warming up on Friday-Saturday. Hopefully that's a sure sign of spring. I've planted over 200 seedlings to go in the yard, so hopefully they get a chance to go outside before they take over the basement! I'm a beginner gardener and this is my first spring growing annuals and perennials from seed..I'll try to make a blog to share what is growing or not for me in Ottawa.

    1. Hi Kass, can you believe only one - one plant germinated on me for the batch of Super Rainbow Salmon Lace? How was your Rainbox Mix?

      My packets of Dark Chocolate, and Black Dragon seems to have more luck.