Sunday, October 30, 2011

Freecycle: A symbiotic relationship, one step closer to a cleaner Ottawa City

Since freecycle is a good place to get rid of my overflowing collection, I also received wonderful items to use with my horticulture experiments.

More items  to come, and hopefully, more stuff re-used than thrown away. Cleaner Ottawa, one step at a time. 

Here is a list (roughly as I can recall of stuff) that was re-used locally, rather than being put in the big garbage pile.

Given Away:
October 2011
1. size 5 brown shoe
2. nursing bra/nursing pads
3. kalanchoe houseplant

4. size 4 baby boots
5. lot of baby blankets
6. Hardcover: C2002 - Dark Matter - The Private Life of Sir Isaac Newton - Novel by Philip Kerr

7. lot of baby formula -  3 cans ready to use

Items Received:
1. plastic pots
2. plasic disposable cutleries

Anonymously Received: (on my rainy days)

1. Box of food stuff and veggies
2. 2 grocery store gift cards (thank you)

To join Freecycle Ottawa (formerly Ottawa Freecycle), go here:
Moderator/Community Volunteer: Sharon Stewart

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