Monday, October 10, 2011

Houseplant, Perennial Plants: WILL TRADE FOR FOOD

I am a busy mom of 3 young ones, and I did a lot of gardening this summer, and took care of lots of houseplants. Some were given from my clients, some I bought and split for I have a small garden. If you notice in my blog earlier, a big squash just occupied my garden, so I planted hosta on the sides. Thus, I split my plants into small clumps.
These are in pots, very healthy, and I probably have too much of them.

Will trade for food: I have 3 young children, so any ONE of these will do:
macaroni-kraft dinner, any box of cereal, a bag of 2% milk, hotdogs, spaghetti
or pasta sauce, a loaf of white/whole wheat bread, eggs, cheese whiz, sugar, brown sugar, no name crackers. 

Can meet up around South Keys Mall, (BANK AND HUNT CLUB), maybe by the side of Future Shop, just before Winners. There is like a seat in there to wait. If driving to my place, Southdown Court, 5 minutes away from SOuthKeys is not a problem, I will wait in my front steps with the plant.

Here is the list of plants:

1. Houseplant (Snake Plant, Mother In Laws Tongue, : Sansiviera Trifecta)- almost like cactus, requires very little water and care.

This picture shows a little chip on the pot, which I colored Black. 
There are 3 more Snake Plant, poted in 6 inch pots, which are also available to any takers.

2. Kalanchoe in a self watering pot, a houseplant . This one has grown well over the summer with shiny green foliage. Now, I forget the color of the flower. 

 Kalanchoe ( the pot is about 8 inches in height, and the plant is a bushy 6 inches give or take)

3. Perennial Plant for your Outdoor Garden, under the Shade: 
Tiarella - Crow Feather, one gallon pot (approx) . This perennial provide nice autum view, maple leaf shape leaves, with purple veins. Leaves will die off in the winter and come back with nice small flowers in spring. 
Divided from a big clump I got at Home Depot in spring. I think there are 2 small divisions, so I can also trade that as well. These plants love the shade, along with hosta. These are cousins of Heuchera (Coral Bells).

4. HOSTA - So Sweet - AHS hosta of the year 1996, a fragrant flower, a variagated leaves, and comes backs each year. A nice mainstay for your shade. I have one gallon pot with lots of baby hosta coming up. 
hosta  - so sweet (AHS 1996 hosta of the year)

5. HOSTA - Invincible - A classic of the Fragrant Hosta, Fast growing, shiny green leaves, and heavenly scented flowers around summer time. Loves the shade, and easy care plant. I have one gallon pot, the leaves starts to show yellowing( ready to sleep for winter). Plant them this fall, and they come back smiling at your for spring 2012.
Hosta - Invincible ( very prominent leaf vein, and shy leaves, white fragrant flowers in Summer)

6. Hosta Pilgrim - a small versatile hosta, can be used a garden edger,  fits lovely in a container, and grow vigorously. Variagated gold edge, and green, grow very fast. One gallon pot left. 

Hosta Pilgrim - white pot - probably smaller than one gallon pot.  

7. Hosta Blue Mouse Ears - an award winning MINI HOSTA (AHS hosta of the year 2008)
thick, well defined mouse ears - thats the leaf shape. I bought this one at Artistic Landscape, BANK  in summer, I find this plant cute, so I keep the other half as houseplant. The other half is keep in clay pot about 6 inches, and just happy outside. It has a little baby hosta coming in the side.  This one goes dormant in winter, so if you take it in as houseplant, do not water much or you will have a rotting plant. This one is not a fast grower, so do not expect it to multiply a lot next spring. Today is a best time to plant this one in the ground. 

Hosta Blue Mouse Ears - AHS Hosta of the Year 2008

8. Hosta Striptease - fast growing, 3 colored hosta, award winner AHS Hosta of the Year 2005 (loves shade with little sunshine)
A medium to large hosta, the center of the leaf is gold, then a thin white line, then green. Very unusual hosta, and to top it all, it grows very well. I split a 2 gallon pot in summer, and I have 3 of them growing big. This one in the pot (one gallon) for trading did not have baby plant, but surprisingly send a flower scape. I leave the flower scape as it is, and you will be lucky to plant this one in your garden this fall, and see a lovely Striptease flower. 
Hosta Striptease (AHS hosta of the Year 2005)
9. Hosta June - an award winning Hosta from the hosta tardiana group. (AHS Hosta of the year 2001)
A golden leaf with blue/green edging, it highlights your shaded spot. This one is very versatile and interesting hosta. It was divided in summer and this one is in one gallon pot. Take it today to plant in your garden, this won't last long and it goes winter sleep. She comes back in spring, and brings light and life to your shaded garden spot. 

Hosta June
10. A big hanging pot of Herbs: trailing the pot is Pineapple Variagata Mint, small starter plants of rosemary, lavender, lemon thyme, oregano and mojito mint. I have a habit of saving my herbs for next season, and I did not realize I already have one pot. This one is extra = you can keep in the kitchen, or shelter from snow in your garage. Its a lovely pot of herbs that you can use for mint tea all winter or a smell of herbs around the house. 
Big pot of herbs: Variagata Pineapple mint, rosemary, lemon thyme, oregano, mojito mint

I think this is all for now, I will check my pots outside and see if there are more hosta pots to trade away.


  1. I would LOVE to pick up plants for my plant group and offer you some food..

  2. Thanks. Let me know which ones you like to pick and I will set them aside for you.