Monday, October 17, 2011

HousePlant : Dracena Marginata

Houseplant: Dracena Marginata

WATER: needs very little water - once a month watering is ideal
LIGHT: near the home light, if you cannot find a decent sunny window
LOCATION: current location: top of my 5 shelf bookshelf in the living room
SOIL:  mix of perlite 1/3 and Canadian Spaghnum Moss 2/3
POT SIZE: 6 inches, Circular

Got this last night at walmart of $1.97 in a 4 inch pot.
The poor plant is heavily root bound, roots coming out of the hole saying "please rescue me". How can I resist?
Came home, put her in a nice perlite, moss mix and bigger pot about 6 inches. The little green leaves by the sides are Kalanchoe blossfieldiana, because I was trimming the bushy one in the basement. Comes with 3 shoots, from one big single cane.

An update on Kieren, my man! 16 month old in a size 6 Shoes.
Aside from the apples, banana and pear, I happened to stop by at the bargain shoes, and my Kieren fit in a size 6 shoe. He just punched a hole in front of his size 5 shoes, by crawling/dragging finding this one on the Bargain Bin was a plus. I came home and the prize tag was $9.00 and I was charge $12.00. Now, Walmart...I am coming back to get my $3.00 back.

A decent looking Dr. Scholls at the Bargain Bin in Walmart South Keys. 

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