Sunday, April 8, 2012

Coleus Ulrich, Coleus Rattlesnake, Coleus Stormy Weather

introduce by color farm's Vern Ogren

(Notes from Ray Rogers Book: Coleus Rainbow Foliage for Container Gardens)

Coleus is an edible plant, and also herb to cure anything types of scrapes and bruise. Here is North America, it is a popular annual for landscaping. Victorians love it too, manicured in their rich homes.

I found this pot of coleus at the grocery store. I go groceries, and plant comes home with me. It is my treat and there is no arguement to it.
While coleus is a shade plant, I put this one under the grow light, because I find it too frail. There was barely any yellow edgings and I thought - this might be a sport of Ulrich. However, after one week under lights of 12 hour exposure, the yellow spots show up, more uniform and awesome!

So my take on this coleus is that - this is a sun coleus, if you like it with the yellow edgings.

If you prefer this one with speckles, random splash of green and red, then put it in the shade. I only have one plant, and started another cutting. So, wish me luck.

What is your experience on this coleus? Got any to share?

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