Sunday, April 15, 2012

Okra Burgundy, Okra Clemson Spineless, Swiss Chard Bright lights

April 19 (THURSDAY) - I got very good germination, about 8/10 on clemson spineless, and 10/10 on burgundy, and still germinating. Maybe this tray will germinate 100% of all 25 peat pellets. 

okra-clemson spineless, swiss chard bright lights, okra burgundy

april 15, 2012

today is kenny first communion and it was a happy family event and we have early dinner get together after that.

dad and sher was present, mom and kieth, auntie sharon and uncle moe grace us

we went to kelseys and have a blast. kenny and I went to chapters to spend his gift money on lego ninjago.

now, im tired.

speaking of which, i tend to get restless when i'm tired. so many things i do lately, and i said i will write it down, but forgotten. for example, i germinated butternut squash, and said will write the date and estimated germination date. however, i see them all germinating and for the life of me, i cannot recall when i put it down.

so, today i am writing down my seeds, okra burgundy and okra clemson spineless, donated by Ottawa Gardener. I used peat pellets, since the seeds are good enough to hold. in between the two rows, I put 5 peat pellets of swiss chard.

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