Sunday, April 8, 2012


my youngest son kieren will turn 2 in June 9th.

he learned very quick. He know his please and thank you.

he also think that if he ask, he is given.
and if he ask louder, he will be given right away.

he has his way around things.

he loves Zumba - well, he calls it Viva. And his favorite track is 5 Letras. He will stare you tube, then start making few steps back and forth.

He sleeps with a pink Elephant, we call it Elphie but the elephant suddenly become Alfie - as in Alfredson of Ottawa Senators.

He does not like pacifier, he never used one.

He likes his sippy cup of water to go to sleep.

he loves his bath with Karlina.

he will eat avocado for breakfast with me.

his favorite food is grapes and so as Karlina.

He poops a lot, maybe 2 times a day, maybe even 3. But then again, he eats a lot too.

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