Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spearmint Seeds, Thyme Seeds

April 13, 2012. Can you guess how many seeds sprouted?
That is a lot of thyme from one seed packet.Challenge is transplanting it later,without killing it all.

Fri - April 7, 2012

Germinating Spearmint Seeds and Thyme Seeds

I like using peat pellet, less messy than soil. However, with tiny seeds such as thyme and spearmint, I have to be creative.

First, I expand one pellet, pour water to the coir, sit for two minutes or so.

Then I opened that mesh covering and make the peat pellet lose, then drop it in a mug.
Don't tell me there is not drainage here, does not have one. However, I won't let this herb grow in the mug either. Once it germinated, I have to transplant it to several flats. This is the lazy method of germination.

Then, i dusted thin layer of Vermaculite to cover the seeds, little spray of water.
I created humidity by putting plastic on top of the mug, and put a rubber band on it. I cannot decide yet where to put it, but for now it is on my kitchen shelf.

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