Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sweet Potato Vines

Sweet Potato - Ipomoea batatas.

I know, you do not eat sweet potato vines here in North America, it is an ornamental hanging basket filler.

In the Philippines, we cooked sweet potato vines in soups, and stir fries. Oh recipe? I'm not the cook - sorry! Ask Mr. Google.

Propagation trick: Put in a sealed bucket, then open after two weeks, roots and small leaves formed. Then leave it open for another two weeks - this is the 4th week pixie.

I know, it is sexy to poke that sweet potato tuber with a toothpick, put in a glass of water and watch the roots formed. Ah, your cruel people? Do you like to be poked all over, and be put on water, just to see if you root? Cruelty to plants..Cruelty to plants....I screamed!

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