Sunday, April 22, 2012

Organic Mini White Cucumber, Bunching Onions Sprouting

May 14, 2012 - I moved the peat pellets into the Tim Hortons cup, they have outgrown the small peat pellets.
Cucumber Mini White - picture taken April 23, 2012.
Bunching Onions - started April 16th. Picture taken April 23.

April 22, 2012 SUNDAY

Its been super hectic now in my arena since I started gardening for work again. I spent the day cleaning up a clients garden and weeds are starting to grow faster than me. 

I got a bunos of coneflowers, scattered volunteers all over a neat garden, so I am excited to bring her home. 

Plus my friend Nancy drove us to Loblaws to pick up composted manure. My husband stared at the bag " you are bringing home - cow sh*t?" . Well, I just laugh. 
He might not eat the squash or bean this summer because it grows on cow poop!

I said to myself I won't make a post, until I got pictures. Well........that's too much to ask for now, so I will just put the pictures later. 

My SSE mini white cucumbers germinated in tray of 25 pellets - if only i can recall when i put it down. Maybe 3 days ago? 

The Bunching Onions sprouted too - still covered in a 2 little pot dome. 

The Zucchini is hesitant, there was 3 to 4 of them that stand out. 

The butternut squash tend to be strong, all of them just sprouted, even if I don' t want them to sprout yet. 

Now, I started another batch of tropicals as well. I have given away my elephant ears, since it was too big and cannot take it outside yet. 
At my best estimate, it will take two weeks before some leaves come out. I am using the bucket method of propagating tropicals. NO NO NO, I do not poke my sweet potato with toothpick nor hang it on the cross!. See my post of Colocasia esculenta. 

4 Colocasia Esculenta - 1 bucket
4 small reddish sweet potato - 1 bucket
3 Lila malanga (Xantosa violaceum) - 1 bucket
1 Big sweet potato - 1 bucket

Also, I started the french marigold. This weekend my neighbor ask if I germinated already...and I just said...oh crap, its about time. This one is a square pot.

Anyhow, I am sleepy goodnite folks.  
Pictures might follow soon.

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