Monday, July 16, 2012

My Harvest: Mini cucumber, Provider Bush Bean

July 15, 2012

ottawa city ontario

just looking at my current harvest despite the drought:
Cucumber-mini white, and Beans - Provider (Bush) - organic from Seed Savers exchange. All of these are grown in pots.

The cucumbers were 2 -3 inches long, very good yield, karlina has a harvest basket here and each morning, she goes frontyard and backyard harvesting cucumbers and beans. She is an interesting toddler. Kieren love to eat the cucumber and so as kenneth. The fight begins.

Pepper-Little Blue. Lots of fruits coming up. I raise these peppers from seeds last winter and it is grown in a pot. worth every penny, I will plant this again next year. Little Blue is a HOT pepper.

Pepper-Medusa, small compact variety. Twisty medusa like fruits. Look at all the fruits, you can tell drought does not affect them. Planted in pots. CHILD SAFE and SWEET Pepper. 

2 mini cucumber in the vine, shortly before Karlina came in with here basket.

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