Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Trip to Fort Coulonge, Quebec, Canada

Noodle LightSabers fight - go Kieren!

Lawn Dart - Kieren picked it up, he thought it was a hola hoop!

Kieren and Karlina enjoying the visit at Aunt Leonette and Uncle Gordie's cottage. Kenneth and Lolo Fern ride the Seadoo and the rest of the gang drive with Lola Sher!(see the grapes in the table? they finished it all)
July 6-9, 2012

Summer is here!

Trip to Fort Coulonge, Quebec with Lolo Fern and Lola Sher Boucher

Kieren on deck - Fort Coulonge QC July 7, 2012

Another event was trip to Fort Coulonge, QC(http://www.fortcoulonge.qc.ca/)

Kids enjoyed 3 days with Lolo Fern and Lola Sher just running around like crazy. Far from parking areas, close to Coulonge river, there were many things to do and see. We walk by paths, gathering rocks, eating wild raspberries to our hearts content.

A walk around Doyle Street, it is a walking path along Fort Colounge River. 

We also visited Lolo Ferns sister - Aunt Elaine and Uncle Norbert. They have a property overlooking Fort Coulonge River. It was very nice, and lots of beautiful flowers and greens. I love the frontyard Heuchera collection and it is very well landscape. I learned from Aunt Elaine that Uncle Norbert build it among with family and friends. I wish I can say I will build my house too, because it is so awesome and personal.

The kids enjoy rolling down the hill and we played tag. We got a treat from Aunt Elaine, it was a chocolate popsicle. Who can resist that? Even Kieren eat the dripping chocolate. We also met Aunt Paulette at the residence, we chat  for short while, but then I am out again chasing the kids in the hill.

Karlina rolling down the hill - Aunt Elaine's backyard

Karlina having fun at Aunt Elaine's

Kieren with his classic giggle after he rolls down the hill and said "Again!" - Aunt Elaine's

The after being tuckered out running around the hill, we head out for dinner with Lolo Fern. We have fish and chips, it was so good. I wish I recall the name of the place, but it was near the gas station, and right across the cemetery. It was like 5 minutes away from the cottage, so I should be able to find it next time. The picnic table where we eat was nice and rustic, and has pebbles as we walk to it. Nothing like it in Ottawa, it was a very nice indie, rustic appeal.

Waiting for our dinner - the background shows a daycare of some sort, karlina was trying to climb the fence. LOL

Kieren after dinner - he was ready for another play time.

We came back to the cottage for bonefire - and it was nice. The smell of wood burning, feels like home to me. We roasted big chunk of marshmallows - smores? Don't know the canadian term for it, but karlina and kieren have sugar overload. In fact, we all have hard time sleeping as kieren and karlina bounce up and down.
The good news is - i was so tired keeping up where the left-over mashmallow was, and we left it outside. The animals get to it...................so yay! no more marshmallows, the next night will be normal.

The Saturday morning was nice, calm and sunny.

The kids enjoyed much of what Fort Coulonge river has to offer, life jackets on, we did enjoyed the river. Kids and their floaties and Kenneth was having a blast. He was riding the tube, pulled by Lolo Ferns SEADO!
karlina on deck - mudpie anyone?

Lolo Fern and the gang getting the SEADO ready for the day!  Fort Coulonge River

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