Monday, July 30, 2012

Coleus as Houseplants

coleus chocolate mint in my room by the computer table.
july 30, 2012
ottawa, on, canada

I read many articles about coleus as houseplant. I have to say, it has to be a specific one to thrive indoors. Since last winter, I put the coleus - salmon lace in Karlinas room. she likes her plants. it is an old heirloom coleus, and it survive for about 7 months now. but her color is not as pretty.

Coleus Salmon Lace - karlina's room since Jan. 2012

Coleus-Chocolate Mint

coleus rattlesnake by2nd floor hallway.

I bring in 2 other coleus for an experiment - see how they retain their beautiful color.

One in the 2nd floor hallway and the 2nd one in my bedroom by my computer table.

The first one in the hallway is colues - Rattlesnake, maybe look alike as the Glasshouse Works Coleus Eruption

The 2nd one is Coleus Chocolate Mint - more chocolate and mint on the edges.

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