Saturday, July 14, 2012

Drought Level 1 in Ottawa

 2 days i was gone from the garden. spending time with husband for a birthday gift. a break from whatever it is i am doing everyday. well, I can tell you i do not question whether i am sane or not. the fact that i have too many plants in my tiny backyard scream psycho, or therapist! and  i said, who needs it when you talk to plants, literally ...unless your neighbor hear you! "hi carrots, hows your day going? " uhmmm...move me under the umbrella please...and thank you.

  my birthday was july 11, it is drought in ottawa. no wonder i never grow tall, i was born in drought season, duh!

while it is nice to garden in pots, it is a pain. imagine individually watering at least 50 pots of random edible plants in my backyard?

well, i love what i do, i love plants.

anyone know of a good choreography for  rain dance?
 I tried yesterday, and the rain i felt is my own sweat..grrrrrrrrrrrrr...
how are your plants people?

mine are surviving, trust me they are all under the canopy.

i notice who loves the heat and thriving.

here they are: (yes, they are growing in my backyard here in ottawa city ontario canada)

basella rubra - a philippines spinach, aside from ear wigs munching it, she is growing fast.
all liliums blooming like crazy
coneflower...too early maybe\/ but i won't complain
lemon grass (Cymbopogon spp)
krachai, chinese ginger (Boesenbergia rotunda)
touch me not ( Impatiens balsamina) - the purple ones are full of flowers
beans - bush (provider variety by SSE) - the harvest was good for lunch and salads
sugarcane (Saccharum spp) who would have thought the canes will send leaves?
elephant ears (Colocasia esculenta) - all of them in 6 big pots are growing lovely. and oh, slugs, nails never ever touch them. hosta have holes, beans are ripped, coleus are like tattered flag, mint is eaten and so as marigolds, but NO ONE ever - ever eat the taro leaves. Imagine that, a perfect specimen.


tomatoes  and basil in pots - duh!

marigolds in pot - who knows they are almost giving up!
spinach (regal) - duh - earwigs eat them, then they bolt and flower
leeks - the flowers came out with just few leaves (eerrrr)
sweet potato in pots- she is hopeless and droopy even if i watered here
mint - yes the awesome invasive mint - she droops and needs CPR
Lemon Thyme - she wonders when rain drops ---- i told you my rain dance choreography did not work, maybe it was for sun dance, freaking hot today ...
summer squash - duh -- the vines are wilting ..anyone?

So --so and need watering constantly (daily) ...local perennials -- hosta, astilbe, heuchera, tiarella, primula, hardy hibiscus, eggplant, okra.

and i am still alive, waking up at 6am to water my plants.

what are you folks doing?

who want a zumba choreo for rain dance? 

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