Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Gardening Mistake

May 1, 2013

Ottawa, ON Canada.

The list of gardening mistake will get longer anytime soon. But then, I have to take note of these, so others can learn from my mistakes and make one of their own.

1. Dumping soil over perennial beds - well, once the tomato died, and the beans in pots died in the fall, I tried to  get rid of the soil quick and fast, so I can put the pots aside.
 I dumped them in the perennial beds. Very bad idea. I have to dig up the soil again, since the perennial was taking forever to come out. Worst, I accidentally cut off tulips, hyacinthus and some liliums. Ouch!

2. Planting Beans in Pellet with Heat Mat - Beans germinate no matter what, even directly sown outdoors is best. For some reason, my daughter like helping mommy, so she put a bean seed in a tray that goes under light with heat mat. The peppers beside it germinated in 3 days. The beans - moldy!
Curios - I tried putting beans in a fresh new pellet and see what happened. 3 days - beans got moldy again.
Beans germinate everywhere, in a cup of soil, directly in the garden BUT never in a heat mat. And I thought they love heat - not when germinating. Anyone have tried this?
I put some soil in a Tim Horton's coffee cup - and put it in my basement. It germinated in 5-7 days. I sown beans outdoors last year, seedlings came to life in 3 days.

3. Peeling off |Peat Pellets - If you are using Pellets, to avoid mess, never peel the pellets. While I thought this was just me and Karlina, my friend Manuel did it too. SO, I thought I should let all of you know that you remove the peel only before putting your plants in the garden bed, not when starting your seed indoors.

4. To be continued...

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