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About Me! ( Or something like that!)

How to use my Blog - I did not put "search button" because I got lost on it. If you are looking for a particular plant, just look at the right side - LABELS. It is arrange in alphabethical order. 

NO, NO, NO - I will not put any google ads on my blog. There are way too many of them crawling all over TV, newspapers, and other blogs.  If you think my post is worth your donation, just contact me. I will lovingly accept donations to feed my plant rescue, and plant propagation experiments. 


I grew up in a small farm in the Philippines, and migrated to Canada. I always respected plants for it provide us food. Along the way, I studied ornamental plants, flowers, and gardens. Amazing beauty, amazing landscape. I love plants: houseplants, outdoor gardens, succulents, and herb gardens. Love them all!
This blog is about plants written by a busy mother of 3, who work as a part time garden helper,  who is also studying Plant Biology, leading to a Horticulture Degree  on those precious free time if it ever happens. And when I get really really bored, I will sign up to a run marathon and run 43 kilometers because of boredom. While I am running the marathon, I will entertain myself with music by Cruxshadows, Dropkick Murphy, Rush, DT an KMFDM.

FYI: I tried to use Latin name (botanical name for plants)  for 2 reasons:
one that Latin is a dead language, so there is barely any change at all,
and second is for my own benefit.  A plant has only ONE latin name, whereas common names can be plenty! (however, I added common name in any entry).

THE LONG VERSION! (subject to additional information from time to time)

Note: I don't  think anyone would be interested in my life story, but if you are bored, here it goes.

Here is a short snapshot of what the philippine islands. We have like 7,107 islands, I guess we have more than that when its low tide.

Another one has a storyteller in English (sorry, no French) but it will give you an idea for some touristy sights you may like.

I was born in  1975 in the Republic of the Philippines, in the area of Visayas Region. My province is called Cebu, and our city is Cebu City. I grow up in a small town called Badian, about 96 kms,  Southwest of  Cebu City. A population of bout 40,000 (2010 est), and it is 3rd class municipality, with fishing, farming as main occupation for people.
This is a small corner of my forefathers land, with few ornamental plants, growing in the edge of our farmland. I don't really know their names (plant names), but they are just pretty. I do not water them, they rely on the rain, since we do not have water system in this traditional plow and till farmland.

Spend elementary at Banhigan Elementary School, class of 1986, Valedictorian
High School at Badian National High School, class of 1991, Salutatorian

Spend five years and graduated with Bachelors of Science in Computer Science, class of 1996
at University of San Jose Recoletos, Magallanes Cebu City.
Worked at USJ-R VP Academics Office under the helm of Fr. Hernand Coja, OAR, Fr. Constanstino Real, OAR and Fr. Walthrode Conde, OAR. The University President during my time was Fr. Bunao, OAR.

Worked at Philippine Banking Corporation, (Global Bank, Tokai Bank of Japan), now PS Bank (as bought by MBTC) in the year 1996 to 2000.

Migrated to Ottawa, City, ON Canada around February 2001 and worked as Live In Caregiver (LCP).
Finally, completed my nanny contract in 2004, and also accepted at Carleton University for the program:
Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering Majoring Aerodynamics and Propulsion Systems with a Minor in Technology, Society and Environment

I was in Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering at Carleton U since Winter 2005. I added a minor of Technology, Society and Environment the same year.

I shifted to Integrated Science-Forensic  Science Program in 2008, and keep the same minor in TSE.

My last term with Carleton University was Winter of 2009, while I gave birth to Karlina in Feb 2009.

My son Kenneth was born in August of 2004, so my university journey was delayed for one year of maternity leave.
Officially started my program in Winter of 2005. Enjoyed engineering, lots of challenges especially for mature students, and so as the status of women in Engineering labs.

My daughter Karlina was born in 2009, and shortly after, I got married. I got separated in April 23, 2014.

My son Kieren was born in 2010, and I am currently on sabbatical, enjoying motherhood, and looking forward to many more stories to tell.

I am currently studying Horticulture Tech program at Algonquin College via Online Learning.

My work experience:

I worked at a medium size commercial bank in the Philippines 1996-2001, it was called Philippines Banking Corporation.

I worked as Live In Caregiver (babysitter ) in Ottawa ON Canada from 2001-2004.

I worked at various retail stores while attending Carleton University fulltime. Worked at Running Room, Loblaws - Billings Bridge, Junogems-Ottawa Airport, from 2004-2008)

I also worked Janitorial job at Bee Clean Ottawa Airport and also Customer Service Staff for Ottawa Airport (part time)  prior to having Karlina about 2007-2010, resigned after maternity leave.

Healthy Hobbies:

I walk to everywhere, nice long walks, grocery run walks, or semi-running to chase the kids. I eat lots of fruits, yogort, rice and more rice.
I can walk along Rideau Canal endlessly if you let me.


I've been a gardener all my life. These greens provide food, shelter, resources and unlimited beautiful landscape.Fascinating, isn't it?

I like making rosaries. Born Catholic, raise Catholic,  it is more of a lifestyle than a religion.

I like re using disposable items, making them into something new. (Mad Scientist, and Clutter Bug)

I like sports - rock climbing, long distance mountain biking, running marathon, martial arts.

Guns fascinate me as a resource for hunting and self defense.  No, I do not own one.

I studied :

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science - 1996 USJR Philippines, because I thought I was a geek.

I studied Fitness Leadership course at Carleton University 2007, because I want to train myself and maybe others.

I broke every rule in a any diet book.

Eat, Eat and Eat more...........that is my mantra. I eat 5 times a day with the kids. 3 meals and 2 snacks, with freezies, ice cream along the lines.

 How old are you? And what is your weight and height?

I am born 1975, so you can do the math for me.

Blessed with a small Asian body frame, I was 98 lbs and standing 5 ft and 5 inches.

After having 3 kids [kenneth 2004, karlina 2009, kieren 2010] , I am now about 110 - 115 lbs depending on the weighing scale we use, and I am still 5 feet 5 inches, and was I suppose to shrink after childbirth?

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