Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Houseplant: Cissus Rhombifolia (Grape Ivy, Oak Leaf Ivy)

Houseplant: Cissus rhombifolia

Grape and Oak Leaf Ivy

Houseplant: Cissus rhombifolia is known commonly as Grape Icy and Oak leaf ivy. Because it grow slowly, it is now a very popular plant. This plant is part of the grape family, not ivy. (1)
Though unrelated to true ivy, it is commonly known Japanese creeper, Boston ivy, Grape ivy, Japanese ivy, and woodbine (though the latter may refer to a number of vines).(2)
This plant is native to S. America and the West Indies.Compound leaves with elegant 3 oak-leaf shaped leaflets; soft dark hairs on the stems; trailling habit. Great for hanging basket. Flowers inconspicuous. Runners several feet long. Width is variable.(3)

I was gifted with this plant from Ottawa Plantcycle and delivered by the owner to my home. It must have been  with her for awhile because it has bare stems which was ideal for my cuttings and propagation expirement.

The basic care  of Grape Ivy  is as follows:
Light - can tolerate low light, can be position on top of your bookshelf so it can trail without being disturb.
Water - it says need humidity, so probably do not get it dry before next watering. Once a week suffice, little bit of misting.
Soil: Well drained. African Violet mix if you are lazy to mix your own.
Grooming:  Decent support if you like this one to climb, or another option is to let it trail by your books.

How do I care for my Grape Ivy:
Light - it is in the top of the kitchen shelf, meeaning it gets light when I am in the kitchen. Don't know if that is enough, but time will tell. I will update this blog if this one does not work.
Water: I bottom water, since pouring water on top of your pot compact the soil, which you do not really want.  The pot is big, so I used a cover of a round cake - disposable one as the bottom drip tray. I pour a cup of water on it once a week. This way, I do not  overwater it, I scheduled it every Monday morning after I prepare my son's lunch kit.
Soil : I happen to have decent tropical mix, perlite and vermaculite. So, its 1/3 tropical mix soil, perlite, vermaculite.
Grooming: I used whatever stick I can found in the kitchen and form a triangular support. Anything goes with this plant.

Pictures: I took few pictures of this plant, this will help readers identify their plants. If you need to use my pictures, feel free to do so. Just kindly let me know.
Jazz up for the Holiday! (Location: Top Shelf in the Kicthen)

Close up of the Grape Ivy Leaves

On top of the living room bookshelf

Bare Stem Cuttings, and 4 pots of young cuttings started. Grape Ivy Propagation by Stem cuttings




  1. Do you have any more grape ivy cuttings? I would like one or two, thanks. I'm also interested in growing grape ivy plants too.

    1. Hello, If you are in ottawa, you can pick it up one pot. The mother plant (too old died on me) I manage to keep 2 pots of cuttings alive, and the rest I have given away locally. I find this cutting particularly hard to keep alive. There were few that died because I did not pot them right away.

      All the best, Angelina