Friday, November 4, 2011

Shopping Cart: Essential Item when you don't own a car! (Urbana Shopping Cart)

Urbana Shopping Cart (1)

  • easy-to-grip molded plastic handle
  • woven polyester bag with steel frame
  • 16" l. x 13" w. x 37" h.

 I know most people own a car, or at least one car for a family. Well, unfortunately we don't, and grocery runs are frequent because we have 3 young ones. 

This shopping cart was bought at Walmart, about $19 plus tax and we have been using this all season, even over snow in winter. So far, it started to wobble after 2 years, but it has been beaten up too. 

This also help us save of disposable shopping bags. 

Many milk runs, cereal boxes and frozen potatoes were loaded on Mr. Wobbly. We call him that because he wobbles when totally packed, but never broke on us. 

Capacity wise, this cart is small compared to that of the metal mesh white 4 wheeled shopping cart. We bought this because of its durable design. Our older cart, the white mesh metal with 4 wheels collapse on us, good thing we are close to home. 

Urbana shopping cart file picture (1)

If you are looking for shopping cart is of decent price and durable, this is worth its price, and maybe more .


This one is our own beat up version of Urbana Shopping Cart aka Mr. Wobbly

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