Saturday, November 26, 2011

Houseplant: Dracena reflexa "Song of India"

Houseplant: Dracena reflexa "Song of India"

This is probably my second Dracena reflexa - Song of India. See how long this will last with me.

The first one, I probably killed it within one month.
How did I kill it?
It look very healthy at the store. Took her home, find a good spot on top of my living room shelf. And then she sulk in a matter of two days. Leaf is not perky at all. So, I watered her. Next day, she was sulking still. Did not know what to do, so I watered her again. Three days later, the leaves started falling off, and I stop watering her. The leaves keep falling and the last time I check, there were no more leaves. I took her off the shelf, pull the stick, and off -- it smells stinky and she was dead.

This is another Dracena reflexa "song of india"

So far, I just have ash tray full of pebbles. I poured water on this base.

Put the water in there, and put the pot of dracena on top. Never ever watered the soil directly, except the first day after I changed the soil from store to my own soil mix recipe.

 Picture of her swirly beauty, Dracena reflexa "song of india".

Dracena reflexa "song of india"

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