Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Please email me, I have a question about your blog!

I do not know what this person heather is up to, but here is the result, upon checking her email in google. 

anyone, got any replies from her? What is the deal?
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  1. I got the same comment, and emailed her asking how I could help. I did get a reply, but with an attachment only. I'm not opening it and I recommend others do not open, either. This is one way PC's get badly infected.

    Take care

  2. Interesting! I just happened to google her email address and came upon your blog because it was listed first. I got her email today and replied to her. Figured I'd go ahead and google too to see what I could find and now wishing I had done that first BEFORE emailing her. I REALLY hope I'm not going to get hit with SPAM or get hacked. After reading Athena's response I'm definitely dumping her email before even opening it to be on the safe side.

  3. athena, farrah: Thank you for your comments. Yes, please do not open any attachment. Either we are now on her spam list, or worst, any malicious malware that we are not aware of.


  4. i got the same comment yesterday. glad i googled her to see what's up. i won't respond, and i won't open anything from her, either.

    working to make the world a better place...

  5. Hi!

    I just got this same comment! I emailed her, but decided to google it as well.

    I won't be answering any email or opening any attachment from this person, that's for sure!

    thanks for posting this! :o)

  6. I googled AFTER i e-mailed and got a response. She seems pretty legit. . . she's a cancer survivor and is trying to market her blog through other blogs. i have to say i was VERY nervous once I googled, and I did have spam (from another account, though, I don't think it's related).

    1. what is the name of her blog?


      I don't know if she is using this heather, or she is the real heather, or she is not a heather, just random marketing staff for some publicity stunt. I cannot tell you which is which, but hope that helps. Angie

  7. Hi! I also found your blog by googling her e-mail address after she commented on my blog and saw the long long list of blanket comments she's left on TONS of blogs... It seemed fishy originally because I do have a Contact Me link on my page... and now I wish I hadn't e-mailed her asking what she needed....

  8. Hello cbrueggie: I clicked on her google profile and it did not say anything. Please share her blog address, if that is something she want to spread.
    I would love to help anyone get notice for a good cause. But there is a better way of doing it, "asking politely, and introducing yourself". I bet most bloggers will do help, when ask that way.

    Athena got an attachment reply and did not opened. Smart, you never know what a file can do.

    As to link with .asp and some .css, .exe, I will be worried. Most programs nowadays can hack anythings, and keyloggers can track your data. If you have sensitive data, online shopping records, I will be really, really careful.

    Thanks again bloggers for keeping us posted.

    Again: would appreciate to know if this heather has a blog to share.


  9. Thank you!
    I too sent an email asking what I could do and then googled her. If it is just publicity then it's not done nicely but it is done well. I can't find her blog but as someone who has just lost two parents to cancer in the space of 6 months I would be interested in reading if she really is a cancer survivor.


  10. I got a reply and this is her blog.

    or rather - where she writes about her ordeal with mesothelioma cancer and raising her daughter. It does seem very legitimate but the way in which she has gone about trying to get her word out there isn't right. An introduction first up would definitely have gotten my attention in a positive way.

  11. Wow, Look at this! I had no idea that I was causing so many people such confusion! I apologize if I frightened any of you or if you thought I was a spammer, but I can assure you I am a real person, a mother, a wife, a cancer survivor, and not a spammer. If any of you got a comment from me on your blogs and replied to me through email, I definitely responded because I respond to everyone who takes the time to email me back.

    The reason I have left comments to all of you is because all of your blogs have a common theme: parenting, motherhood, family, etc.. This is because I have decided that those are the people who my story could help the most. I am a guest blogger, but I also try to reach out to personal bloggers with their own sites and established followings so that I can reach out to their audiences. I'm sorry that I can't take the time to personalize a message for each and every one of your blogs, but I just don't have the time for that. The reason I ask people to email me is so that I can give them a more elaborate explanation of myself and my story and what i'm requesting. I also do not leave a link to my blog in the comments because I feel that it looks more like spam.

    I never send a response email with an attachment in it-so I have no idea what those comments are referring to.

    SO, with that said, if any of you would still like to email me with any questions, I will be more than happy to answer! :)

  12. I have nothing against people who want publicity, each of us has its own battle: cancer, depression, HIV, name it!
    As mentioned earlier, it would have been nice to get an introduction, no matter how generic it is. I believe the Heather, cancer survivor is very capable of doing that. For example: "Hi, my name is Angelina, I am an cancer survivor, and I do not like to share my link here because it would look like a spam. So, please email me, and I need your support. " That did not take a minute to write and I bet anyone who is touch by cancer would help you, GUARANTEED!

    And anyone would take any second they have to help you out, rather than google for answers, which really does not give any concrete answers.

    The Heather portrayed in the blog is someone upfront, brave, and caring.
    Is she capable of sending such message we recieve? I do not really know.

    Would she not benefit facebook pages for support for causes? Maybe? Yes?

    Could it be that another Heather hacked the account and send the link with file attachment?

    Or the Heather posting on our blogs is a different Heather than the cancer survivor?

    I would have no chance of knowing, but glad that those who received malicious files were warned. An infected computer is worst than a kid with colds, it will destroy your files, and online data.

    As gajinwife posted above, if this was publicity, it is NOT done nicely, but it is done well. I have to agree with her.

    Whatever is the truth out there, Kudos the "heather, mom, cancer survivor", may you have happiness and prosperity for all the years to come.



  13. i don't know you...but searched this heather email address and your link came up...i was a wee bit disturbed by the comment on my blog/ was strange at the very least to get such an email that was to the point w/o any explanation as to why i would want to converse with her via email...strange indeed. you would think that this heather would learn to include more info in her comments...fortunately my website is protected so that no comment is posted until approval...i marked it as i have enough going on in my life...that i don't need to start up a relationship with this real or not real heather! it is amazing how people use websites to connect. just felt like i should let you know she is still out there and doing the same antics on various websites..kinda frightening. feel free to just go ahead an delete this comments...just commiserating with you!!!ugh!

  14. Heard from Heather today. Wish I'd Googled before I write back.

  15. Thank you for posting about this...I got the generic comment from Heather today & am glad I googles before responding.

  16. i deleted her email, but here's a link to her fb page. i'm glad i found this, i was DUMB to not google a weird comment from someone i don't know! lesson learned!

  17. Not A Cancer SurvivorMarch 3, 2012 at 3:16 PM

    I got an email from her the other day too. She is clearly very naive in the art of social networking - sending a generic email to (I guess) countless bloggers asking them to link to her blog.

    As brave as she is her story is irrelevant to the content of my blog and to my readers. She needs to understand that asking for a link isn't going to win her as many followers as a bit of hard work and trying to connect with other bloggers who genuinely have stories in common will. (Also even if I was inclined to link to her blog, the fact that she has no out going links would make me think again).

  18. Thank you for posting this. I will delete everything of her. Silly me , did I thought was right and respond to her email.

  19. Thank you for actually taking the time to have an entry entitled Googling the email from a recent curious comment I got in my own blog led me to this wealth of information. For what it is worth, I am a lung cancer surgery survivor and a spouse caregiver - however anyone wishing to email me can do so from an email link on both my blog and profile, so this was the first request by anyone asking me to email them in the comment section in four years of blogging - strange to say the least. Thanks again for taking the time.

  20. Thank you for posting about this. I got the generic comment from Heather last march and just read it today & glad I googled before responding. Thanks again!

  21. I just got this comment as well and was Googling to see what it was all about. My email address is clearly accessible through my blog profile so it seemed a bit weird!