Monday, May 7, 2012


She is stubborn and smart, but who else in the family is not!

She turned 3, last February 5, 2012. She tells everyone she is four. She has a backpack and she is ready for school. In fact, she lines up at the bus stop with her brother. And she gives hugs and goodbye to his brother.

She is NOT karlina, but she is Princess Karlina.

She loves shoes - she owns 12 of them now. I am pretty sure she has the Imedific influence.

She loves our fish - she even brush their teeth. She loves them and one day, she pour milk in the fishtank.
She loves fishy.

She loves to slide upside down.

She cares for Ben and Kieren and Naki! She is bossy, but at the same time she is the mother hen for them.

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