Friday, May 11, 2012

SQUASH-Sunburst Hybrid

Squash - Sunburst Hybrid 52 days

I was walking by Home Depot in Bank Street one day and I was in the garden and seeds section. A lovely clerk recommended this squash to me. I told her that I have a small backyard, and the waltham butternut squash just invaded my whole backyard.

She grab this pack and said: This is a tiny squash 2-3 inches in harvest time, but it won't invade your backyard. I bought it, and never thought about it until today. I was just looking at seeds, and notice the envelop. So, since I have not tried this one before, why not?

This is actually a scallop squash, and the fruit size is 1 -3 inches. Zucchini anyone? Smaller than my Black Beauty Zuchinni, but who cares, its squash, and it is good for you. Fruits show up in summer to fall - aha! great summer sautee for me. Unique bright yellow with a dark sunburst pattern at both ends. Interiro flesh  is creamy white and tender with an extremely tasty mild and buttery flavor.
COMPACT AND BUSH TYPES FOR EASY PICKING. With that description - I am really tempted to put few of them in the pots, and it better be bush, not a crawling creepy ones in my backyard.

Anyways - I started 6 pellets today, and I cannot remember how many in the basement.
Cheers little seeds, and see you when you wake up.

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