Thursday, May 17, 2012

Packhoi - Cantong White - Bokchoy

Bokchoy - packchoi cantong white

update: may 22, 2012. it rained overnight and i was excited to see my garden.
of course, 2 pots of seed germinated. one of them is pack choi, very small - brings big smile to my heart.
pak choi germinated on may 22, 2012

I was "sing-sowing" seeds again yesterday and half the seeds fall off the container. I really hope there are few leftover for me this season.

i love this veggie, she easily grow on compost, and water, and I add them on stir fries.

The picture below is from Wikipedia, i hope one day this seed can give me treasure to photograph. Thank you to the owner who share it through the commons.

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  1. I love bok choi... I probably have an unhealthy relationship with it. I put it in EVERYTHING. I like the baby ones steamed with a bit of oyster sauce, and I chop up the bigger ones for stir-fry, soups, casseroles... whatever! :)