Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Boesenbergia rotunda ( Finger Root, Chinese Ginger Krachai)

May 29, 2012
Ottawa City, Ontario, Canada

Botanical Name: Boesenbergia rotunda

Common names: Chinese Ginger
According to the store owner where I bought it (Lim Bangkok Grocery in Somerset) : Krachai
English: Finger Root

My name for it: Odd looking ginger, of course, this one  belong to the ginger family too if anyone is curios. For my convinience and easy to remember - I will call it Chinese ginger.

I took a bite of the root and it taste milder than a ginger. So, I can say, I found another finger food.!

The package have 3 sections, so I decided to split my propagation style. One will be directly put in the pot in backyard, one is rooted in water, and the 3rd one will be in a propagation dome (AKA the plastic baggy method: wrap the root in moist paper towel - sealed in zip lock bag).

29 may 2012. Boesenbergia rotunda
Okay here is the picture of it, and updates soon as the season progress.

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