Friday, May 11, 2012

Ottawa Gardening Groups and Seed Resources

There are many initiatives in the capital of Canada, and it looks scattered to me. So, in one page, I will add them all, so you can pick a group to join depending on your location and preference.

I personally run Garden Buddies around Hunt Club/Uplands area near the airport. I have a team of 3 to 5 gardeners here. New ones are welcome - learn, help us out, teach us more. The more, the merrier. This is a sub group from Food for Life Gardens
on facebook. I believe Matt and Brian are way up in Britania area, just to give you an idea of our locations.

In Carleton University, we have few food and garden groups as well. The Food Center is in 4th Floor of the Unicenter (CUSA funded) and it is open all summer. Garden discussion and foodie enthusiast most welcome.

and so G-Spot (independent of CUSA - I think this was one with Sustainability Group when I was at Carleton - but correct me if I am wrong).
A friend send me the link as well of folks in the West End, and they have garden areas and gardeners too. Very nice for folks in the west end. Sustainability Living Ottawa - West

If you plan to go solo mio - or garden with your family without any logistics, you can rent a plot for the season, run by the City of Ottawa, the Kilborn Allotment Gardens:, a plot of  20 x 50 (1,00 square feet of garden) for the season at $76.

The advantage of renting the plot is that it is ready for you to plant. Well not really -  I meant take out the weeds first, add your manure, and get your seeds ready. Hose are provided, and tool shed rentals are provided. So, no more soil testing, no more logistical issues, or permit. Pay the Price, and garden to your hearts content from sunrise to sunset.

Local Ottawa Blog about growing pretty much everything: Note I got some Okra seeds and Rhubard seeds from her for free and these seeds were so great- they are all germinated. Veggie Patch Reimagined, with Helpful tips on seed germination, and organic gardening.

Permaculture Ottawa has also a facebook page,!/groups/PermacultureProjectOttawa/

and also Eastern Ontario Permaculture group,

Permaculture folks are very knowledgeable,  very friendly, easy going, and rich knowledge about designs - edible landscaping, soil management, and members of diverse background.

Gardening organizations:
  • Canadian Organic Growers –
  • Ottawa Horticultural Society –,  Probably one of the oldest group in Ottawa, I am member/volunteer of the group. Meetings are on last Tuesday of the month, 7pm at the Bytown arena. 
  • Seeds of Diversity –
  • Master Gardeners of Ontario -, well, they are masters of the garden, what more can I tell you? They got the theories and the experience to vouch for it. Luckily in Ottawa, Ms. Van Berlo who is also a member of Ottawa Horticultural Society.    
Master Gardeners of Ontario - Ottawa - Ottawa is here: - a tree you don't know what is it? A garden that could use a design but can't figure it out? Call them at the number provided, and you will be surprise with friendly and knowlegeable folks.

Local seed providers:

  • Eternal Seed –
  • Greta's Organic Gardens –
  • Herb and Spice at Bank - - local store that carries seeds from Seed Savers Exchange (Iowa, USA)  - heirloom and organic seed savers. I personally order my seeds online from Seed Savers Exchange,(  but worth checking it out to save on shipping. Founded in 1975, same year I was born.
Community Garden websites: - "Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) (sometimes called Community Supported Agriculture) is an approach to growing and purchasing food that has farmers and eaters working cooperatively. In a CSA, the farmer grows food for a predetermined group of eaters." Though I have not worked with them personally, the mission serves well to my perspective, a source for food that is locally grown.

FREE SEEDS, FREE PLANTS - Ottawa Plantcycle Group,!/groups/OttawaPlantcycle/

Yes! There are folks that always ordered extra seeds hoping to plant it one day (oh wait, that's me!). So, Val created this group to share seeds, houseplants, vegetable seedlings. We have given away many seeds during seed swap, and community events. I personally give most of my houseplants, seeds and seedlings here, because it is utilize by local folks. Extra gardening supplies are appreciated, I have folks donating pots, plant labels, left over soil to me, and it is very useful to pot up plants to give away.

I guess I have written what I can squeeze my brain for today - so I am going out now, have lunch and plant more seeds indoors. Though it is very nice, I am almost tempted to plant outdoors, but they ones I tried are wilting. Ops, ---- its not until long weekend that weather gets steady and nice to plant.

If there are resources I missed, please let me know. Be glad to add it.  If I made mistakes, kindly correct me.

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