Friday, May 31, 2013

Cucumber (Burpless) Lebanese Type

May 31, 2013
Ottawa City, Ontario, Canada

Two days ago, I went for a walk along Loblaws and check the seeds isle. I know my cucurbits did not do well, and I am so sure what to do with myself and all the plans I have of having a jungle in my backyard this year.

So, I picked up some more Cucumber. It said 55 days, so if we say its approximate days to fruit, around July 25, I will have cucumber fruits. Maybe, just a fruit...not yet ready to harvest? I know, I have this doubt that it maybe too late for direct seeding. But then, maybe it is the start of it. Who knows? I never mastered this ottawa let's hope and pray.

the packet says " great tasting cucumber from middle east, plants bear fruits of 15 cm (6 inches). plant seed directly". So maybe, this is the one we can find in the grocery stores, package of 6 of them?

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