Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Planting Outdoors: May 1, 2013

Ottawa city, Ontario, Canada
May 1, 2013

The weather is officially good, kids love to wear shorts and I am personally enjoying it. But not yet time to bring the plant's out. Around Victoria Day weekend is the time to plant them in the ground.

I braved and bring Basella alba, Basella rubra , and one Miniature cucumber in the backyard. I find this to be just an experiment. No covers - just if it takes off, then it takes off. If its dead, oh well.

In the front, I planted my edible planters for the kids. They love squirting water in the pot.

I put a combination of amaranthus, nasturtium, swiss chard, carrots. Don't know which one gets in to which pot. LOL, I have like 4 pots, I know all of them has nasturtium, but where the carrots or amaranthus is - i have to see when they come up. The peas are out, Kieren had a blast squirting water.

SO, hopefully, this is the start of planting more and more.

On Paula's frontyard (i garden my neighbors yard too ) - i put in 4 o clocks, rose balsam, sweet william  and marigolds. The hosta and coneflowers are coming up too, the pulmonaria are both out in pink and blues. Very beautiful indeed.

Aside from the cat starting to dig in the garden, the Hyacinthus blooming inspires me.

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