Sunday, May 12, 2013

Pefferlaw Premium Potting Soil

Mothers Day 2013
Ottawa, ON, Canada

I did received the soil last week, but never got the chance to use it right away. I know, i was contemplating on which bucket would I used this mix. I am picky with mix that is why I make my own most of the time. You are familiar with mine: compost 1/3 and perlite 1/3 and topsoil 1/3 which works for my container veggie and herbs.

Today, Mothers Day - I decided to open the potting mix. To my surprise, this one looks pre-mixed, with the same ingredients that i needed. perlite, compost, some coarse compost -- so I decided to plant 2 of the strawberries in this mix and one with my regular mix.

I was very happy, playing dirt on Mothers Day! I could have ask my husband to buy me dirt for mother's day instead in anything else. My kids enjoyed the day for us in the backyard.

What a great moment to celebrate Mothers Day!
Thank you for the package Adrienne of Pefferlaw Peat.

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