Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Coleus spp - splashes of colors under the shade.  ANNUAL PLANT.  No other annual has this beautiful foliage. In fall, you can take a cutting, stick it in pot of dirt and make it a houseplant.  $2 per pot.

Basella rubra - [common names:  Malabar spinach, alugbati, Philippine Spinach] Heat loving, beautiful flowers, and edible - for your salad and soup. Safe for children and pet. ANNUAL PLANT. Cuttings can also be grown indoors as houseplant in winter. $3 per plant.
GOLDEN LEMON THYME: annual herb, great for salad garnish, and fish recipes. You can bring the pot in for winter, and treat it as a houseplant. $3 per per plant, starter plants.
Impatiens Balsamina - Rose Balsam, Touch me not Flowers, Kamantigui or Surangga in the Philippines. A unique annual flowering plant, very exotic. $3 per started pot. It has 2 to 3 plants. ANNUAL.
Ajuga Reptans - [common name: carpet bugle, purple groundcover]. PERENNIAL. In the shade, she has lots of shades of green. In the sun, she has the nicest shade of  purple. In the fall and spring, she comes out really nice purple hues. This plant has survived 3 winters in my backyard. Hardy is her lastname - even kids stomped on her and she prevail. She can spread nicely, and you can easily pull her out when she cross boundaries. $3 per pot with lots of rooted cuttings in it.
HOSTA STRIPTEASE: a famous tri-colored hosta, green on the outside, a white streak in the middle and very light shade of green in the center. Can grow into nice specimen. A medium to large hosta. It is in a one gallon pot. About 2-3 plants are growing. Has been overwintered in my backyard. PERENNIAL, SHADE PLANT.
Tiarella Cordifolia - Spring Symphony. PERENNIAL: SHADE/SUN.  She is a nice groundcover, and send this tiny flowers in spring. Native to Canada, the leaves remind me of the maple leaf.  She is done flowering now and good for division. Successfully overwintered in my backyard, and very hardy.  $3 per pot. 
Heuchera sanguina "firefly" - the tiny spikes of red flower is good for cutting and accent to flower arrangement. PERENNIAL/SUN/SHADE. $3  per pot.
Heuchera Sanguina "firefly" - PERENNIAL FOR SUN AND SHADE. this picture show with the buds before flowering.

collectors hosta:

 hosta chariots of fire, hosta red october

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