Monday, June 11, 2012

Propagating Sugar Cane ( Saccharum officinarum)

June 11, 2012
Propagating Sugarcane (saccharum officinarum)
Ottawa City, Ontario, canada

Sugarcane cuttings, length at about 3-4 inches, with at least one node. 

Today, I put down at least 13 cuttings of sugarcane and 1 in the ground. While this plant is never hardy in Canada's capital city, it is at least worth trying. I found this long cane from Produce Depot last week, and at lunch break today, I manage to cut them in 3-4 inches nodes, and plant it in pots.

My memories of sugarcane growing in my backyard is fun. We never have chocolate growing up, but we got cacao seed pods to chew on...we always have the un-process one.  And so as sugarcane. It is just there growing by the fence line.
On summer days, my lola will cut some, take away the peel and put it in the refrigerator to cool down. By the time we come home from school, we bite on sugar cane to quench our thirst. Of course, we never have "Mr. Freeze" growing up either.

As I was transplanted to Canada, I would see it in produce depot, walmart sometimes. I know how it is grown, I know the node eyes, therefore I am itchy enough to try it growing. No...I do not expect any harvest at all, but will be fun to push boundaries. Growing sugarcane in Canada's Capital City,  ---can it be done?

Cross your fingers and say good luck to me.

This is a sugarcane picture from Wikipedia.

UPDATE: 27 SEPT 2012

of all those cuttings, there were 4 that thrive and  I gave away some of them. I keep one for myself and hope to bring her in this winter, as she needed to grow more. For 2 months, it grow very well.

My sugarcane!

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