Thursday, June 17, 2010

Kieren: 8 Days old

June 17, 2010: Thursday

Kieren is 8 days old.

We have a good night rest, Karlina sleeps nights.
The weather is nice too.

Daddy took Kenny to swimming lesson. Kenny gets easily excited, and he things everything is play. Well, I hope he improves.

Kenny went to school at 1pm, and went to afterschool at Sawmill Creek.
I pick up Kenny and we have supper. Oh, today I manage to cook chicken and mash potato. My husband said he liked the chicken. Wow! I must have improved my hit and miss cooking style.

He went to bed after eating and so as Kieren, so I took Kenny and Karlina to play ball at the backyard. We came home about 8pm, Karlina took a bath, and Kenny on his routine.

It was a pleasant day, sure pass by quick but fun memories. Kieren starts smilling when I talk to him. He opens his cute eyes too.

:) Thank you Lord for the beautiful day..and blessings to my family.

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