Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kieren: 17 Days Old ~ Mommy got a New Haircut~

June 26, 2010 SAT, Kieren turned 17 days old.

The day started with rain, and it was not so good. The playtime in the backyard got delayed.

Auntie Tracy and Uncle Roy drop off some items for Kieren. Nathan, Tracys son is now 3 months old, so they have way too much stuff.  We played in the backyard too.

Nanny Karen drop off the new car seat, but we never got to see her, because we were in the backyard.

Karlina seems to be super sensitive, and she got red rashes in her diaper area. We tried lots of Vaseline and Corn Starch. I hope it works.

Mommy got a new hair-cut: the undercut style circa 1990s. It's convinient because i have a super thick hair that will take more than 30 minutes drying. Well, easy dry, easy to manage. My hubby help me fix the haircut. I am happy.

Bleeding: i am still bleeding lightly. oh well.
Feeding:  Kieren feeds regularly and is a very happy boy.

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