Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kieren: 12 Days Old ~~ Nice Day at the Backyard~~

June 21, 2010 Monday - Kieren is 12 days old.

It was a nice day, so I took Kieren and Karlina out. First, we shop for fresh fruits at Produce Depot and then we played at the dock pond. Karlina enjoyed exploring; she tried touching the prickly pine leaves and gathered pine cones, and she also chased the seagulls lingering around the dock pond.

I have 2 loads of kids laundry going and Rob picked up the dry ones.

We came home, and we cooked the corn in a cob. Karlina also fall for her afternoon nap.

At 5pm, I took Kieren with me to Sawmill Creek in order to pick up Kenny. I brought some corn for Kenny's dinner and let him have some time to play at the  Sawmill Creek Park.

I was sitting under the shade with Kieren while Kenny enjoyed playingon the big slide. About 7pm, we head home, and Kenny has his shower.

Bleeding: At 12 days after deliver, I am still bleeding lightly.

Stiff Neck: I have this nasty stiff neck, and it does not seem to get away.

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