Monday, June 21, 2010

Kieren: 11 days old ~~ Fathers Day 2010~~

June 20, 2010 Sunday

Happy Fathers Day to all the dads and grandads.

We have a rough night, Karlina seems to be pretty up allnighter.
We were invited from brunch at Dad and Sher and that was good. I have the luxury of really just sitting down and chatting for a bit.

Rob has great milestone: 3 of them actually.
1. Kieren responded to his voice and turned his head towards daddy.
2. Karlina learned to understand little bit of words: When daddy said, " Karlina, please come give daddy a kiss". She come running to daddy and give him a kiss.
3. Kenny learning the importance of holidays like this: greeted his dad, a Happy Fathers Day.

I gave Rob a card, have not shop really.

We brought our gifts for VJ, and Dads birthday. It was fun. Thanks to Sher who saved the day.

We come home, all tired and went to sleep. :)

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