Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Kieren: 6 Days Old

Kieren is 6 days old. 

Today was another day at home. I wake up about 8am, and I have severe pain, like a labor pain in the maternity.  I still have my Tylenol and Advil medication from the hospital and I took it and it helps. I tend to overlook these medications when I get home because its a busy schedule between feeding and trying to get some sleep.
Kieren regularly feeds in 2-3 hours interval. My breast was so engorge, (too much milk supply) that it is very painful and hard. Last Sunday, I rented a breast pump from a Lactation Consultant to empty the excess milk. I also did hot shower to release the milk, and cold cabbage to ease the swelling. Today, it is allmost alright, but still rock solid.

I walked Kenneth to his bus stop at 12:45 noon, and came home. Rob's mom visited us with lots of food, which really help because I am not capable of cooking yet.

We picked up Kenneth at Sawmill Creek afterschool program at 6pm, and we have a happy picnic at the park. Kenneth and Karlina enjoyed it very much and run around the whole time. Karlina can be handful, because she climb fearlessly on any structure. We enjoyed the day....and so as Kieren. I manage to use the double stroller. It was a great day!

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